Welcome to District 8 High School Rodeo
IHSRA 8th District Contestants
Ken Timothy Rodeo Photos

See the heavens, smell the air, taste the dust and the alkali, hear the wind and the wild, feel the motion of your horse. . . .On a good day, that's all you need. On a bad day, that's all you need. ~ TB Bender

8th District Rodeo Officers 2014

Randy Pitchford
Shane Jensen
Coming Soon
Vice President
Shane Jensen
Kelly Davis
Lynette Smith
8th District Student Officers 2014
Bailey Harris
Shawnee Smith
Shell Povey
Vice President
Bailey Harris Shawnee Smith Shell Povey
8th District Club Advisors
Bear Lake Malad GREAT BASIN

Jeff & Emily Smith
Shaun & Melissa Smith
Jody & Amber Smith

Kelly & Mary Jo Davis
Blake & Leigh Love
Ted & Maja Goodey

Wes & Jen Harris
Wendy Winward & Shawn Austin
Jackson & Oralie Smith

Caribou County   Marsh Valley

Shane & Sid Jensen
Justin & Melanie Williams
Scott & Tina Rigby


Randy & Catelle Ghezzi
Jason & Nicole Hansen